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Dangerous Power Rev-i gold/brown
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Dangerous Power Rev-i gold/brown

  • Item number: 100_MA0036-gldbrn
  • Rated: 18
  • Manufacturer: Dangerous Power
  • Unit price: €899.00/piece
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The Dangerous Power Rev-i paintball gun (pronounced Revy) represents the latest and greatest in technology by being one of the best innovative paintball guns on the market. Players have never been so in touch with their own Paintball gun till now; with its see through design for close attention to the o-rings and bolt, swiveling rake style to sling style adjustable trigger, pressure gauge located on the back of the gun and much more to impress. Taking a look internally we will find one of the best designed boards with a 35+ Balls Per Second capability. The simplicity of the OLED board is astonishing, designed by APE; you get a user friendly interface that will not disappoint. The bolt is a one piece, one moving part design being light and efficient. It is also easily removable down the front of the barrel with just a few turns by a provided Allen Wrench. Experience being in control with every aspect of your gun weather it is adjusting the trigger, changing barrels and even programming the board to your specific needs.
  • DP custom Aircraft Aluminium Body
  • DP ultra low-profile Clamping Feedneck
  • DP Dump Valve Bolt (mit Fenster)
  • Ultra sharp OLED display
  • RAPS (Rapid Air Pressurizing System)
  • Rear Mounted Pressure Gauge (RMPG)
  • Switch Blade Trigger

delivery includes:
Marker, Custom leather case, DP Barrel Cover, Owners Manual, Replacement o-rings, DP-40 Lube, Allen Key Set, Aluminum Bolt Window, DP Allen Keys Chain, 14" and 16" Barrel Tip, 3 Barrel Backs: .689, .685, .693

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