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Milsig M17 MagFed PMC A2
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Milsig M17 MagFed PMC A2

  • Item number: 100_MA0259
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  • Manufacturer: Milsig
  • Unit price: €299.90/piece
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The heart of the MILSIG PMC runs on a fully mechanical and internally regulated blow forward system called the HeatCore. The HeatCore has made its name in its extreme ease of maintenance, reliability and unmatched consistency. Perhaps best known for its consistency, the HeatCore is often seen to have as little as a +/- 2fps swing on the chronograph. When accuracy is heavily determined by consistency a marksmans top choice is the marker with the least deviation. To add to this functionality the MILSIG PMC includes a revolutionary new mechanical full-auto firing system. The latest generation of HeatCore includes many new improvements to make it easier and faster to maintain than its predecessors. Controlled by the select fire switch on the markers grip, you can switch from semi automatic to fully automatic without the need for batteries or any other electronics. All MILSIG PMC models are compatible with an optional AR-15 style Bolt Reset Handle to act as an anti jam in the case where a ball or FirstStrike round manages to jam in the marker.

The MILSIG PMC grip design that allows for simple attachment of any standard AR-15 grips made by many popular manufacturers to suit your ergonomic needs. The HeatCore is easily removed with its renowned 2 pin take-down that removes the markers entire internal gas system out the back of the marker. The grip also includes an ambidextrous fire selector switch allowing a simple transition from safe to semi to full auto.

Continuing from the M-Series Paradigm Pro and M-Series Elite models, the MILSIG PMC is ready to fire FirstStrike rounds out of the box and includes one of our new 8 round PMC magazines. The MILSIG PMC accepts the MILSIG Tempest, 8rd PMC, and Zeta Magazines.

The MILSIG PMC model focuses on a low cost offering of a solid polymer composite body with inter-molded steel framework for an unmatched durability in a polymer based marker platform. A Polymer shroud with monolithic top rail extension is also included to finish off the look and feel of the marker. The PMC model also includes the new PMC magwell with a new paddle style ambidextrous magazine release system, as well as an extended index release system. Included in the box is also a set of polymer flip up sights, a 190mm smooth bore barrel and MAT (13ci) stock.


  • Length: 694 mm (including 13ci tank in stock) 397 mm without stock
  • Polymer composite / steel inter-molded construction
  • 2 pin maintenance take down
  • Mechanical marker
  • Interchangeable AR-15 style grip
  • AR-15 style Bolt Reset Handle
  • PMC magwell for a wide variety of Magazine options
  • FirstStrike Compatible

Delivery without 0.2 liter HP system, this must be purchased separately.

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