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Barrels / Barrel Sets

Barrels / Barrel Sets
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In order to successfully play paintball, the accurate locating of the enemy is important. However, it is disadvantageous if, despite targeting perfectly, the paintball does not follow this direction. Therefore focus experienced players their attention to a proper paintball barrel, which are fundamental for a precise shot. For beginners are the first use and especially the rapid performance of the paintball marker important.Barrels are available separately from the marker, so that you can fully concentrate on the individual needs. The barrel sets differ in their diameter, their length and especially in their effect.But even with paintball barrel sets you must not forget the necessary accessories: barrel cleaner and barrel oil should be used for cleaning. Only thus it is possible to shoot accurately and efficiently. The barrel is one of the main parts of the marker. Accordingly, paintball barrels should also be well treated.We run tuning barrels in different lengths from different manufacturers like Smart Parts, New Legion, Dye, Tippmann and so on.