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Battle Packs / Pods

Battle Packs / Pods
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Paintball is about more than just to hit the opponents - it's about speed, concentration and above all efficient movements. If you are on the field you have to have exactly the movements of the opponent in view.Accordingly, it is hardly possible to leave the field to reload. You can not waste your time with leaving the field. Therefore, we have battle packs and pots for paintball beginners and advanced players.The paintball packs are belts which are worn on the body. You carry with the battle pack pots filled up with paintballs, which makes the reloading easier in any case. Battle packs interfere with the players not in its movement possibilities. The paintball pots also allow a safe and especially easy way of transportation.Both, the battle pack and the paintball pots are available in several variations; the player can focus primarily on individual needs and his own style.