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The board is the "brain" of every e-pneumatic or electronic paintball marker. This component coordinates the functions and the interplay between mechanical and electronic components. Meanwhile, there is a high technology standard for paintball markers at the price range from 300 to 1000 €. However, you can raise any paintball marker price with the certain tuning. There is one kind of tuning are boards. You are able to adjust different modes; the functions are visible on an OLED display. Tuning is possible but also with upgrade chips or simply with "normal" Tuning boards for moderate prices. There is for each paintball player or for each user and for each marker type the desired and appropriate software as well as the appropriate board. A wide variety of settings, advanced setup features or additional modes can be programmed without limits with a tuning board. An optimized board is necessary for any demanding paintball player. Still, a board is not a must have but an almost essential upgrade for those players who want to play the very top.