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Field Accessories

Field Accessories
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Equipment is the cornerstone for each paintball field operator for paintball teams or paintball clubs. Equipment ensures a paintball field smooth operation of games or the best training. An essential component is the high pressure compressor with storage tanks and the corresponding filling stations. Thus, the HP systems of the player will always be filled with compressed air propellant.There are Boost Air or Sup Air covers. Those covers are available in numerous sizes and shapes; starting with a training kit with 5 covers up to the Millennium Field with 44 covers. No matter how many Sup Air covers you have now there are always new covers, the variety in the game is guaranteed.Other important and indispensable field accessories are paintball nets in various widths and lengths. Paintball nets ensure that the paintballs can not leave the playing field. The speedometer for paintball markers is the Chrongraph. Other equipment such as team bracelets or compressed air accessories is available in our wide product range in the field accessories.