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Paintball Marker/Guns

Paintball Marker/Guns
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Whether you are a beginner or expert - paintball sport is not working without a paintball marker/gun. The paintball equipment is consisting individual components, wherein the marker is one of the most important accessory parts.In general, we distinguish four gun types; the individual variations depend on the performance level of the user. Tournament players give priority to e-pneumatic paintball markers, while regular players or beginners prefer to use mechanical or electronic guns.The opponent gets marked by a shot with the paintball gun. You are using paintballs to mark your opponent. The paintball itself is filled with food coloring the shell is made of gelatin. Whether the paintball gun is loaded automatically or manually, depends on the chosen model. Especially your chosen equipment ensures the continuous improvement of your abilities.You want to experience a special feeling, a RAM marker is recommended - this is a real action marker with the ultimate reality factor.