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New... Empire EVS Paintball Mask

Posted on 12.09.2016 15:45

The Empire EVS Paintball Mask

EVS Maske

neue evs

Realpic's Dangerous Power G5 Spec-R

Posted on 08.06.2016 09:21

New and now also with OLED Display

Dangerous Power G5 Spec-R

Luxe Carbon

Spec-R - Andromeda Grey:

Luxe Carbon1

Spec-R - Nova Blue:

Luxe Carbon3

Spec-R - Pulsar Purple:

Luxe Carbon3

Spec-R - Celestial Green:

Luxe Carbon3

New: DYE UL Air Tank 1,2 Liter ergo HP Systems

Posted on 30.11.2015 16:49

DYE UL 1,2l

Dye UL ergo

Realpic's DLX Carbon OLED Luxe

Posted on 10.11.2015 16:22

New, New, New:
DLX Luxe OLED - Carbon

Luxe Carbon

Luxe Carbon1

Luxe Carbon3

Auch erhältlich als

DLX Luxe OLED - Carbon / black dust

DLX Luxe OLED - Carbon / teal gloss

Paintball Land News 10/2015

Posted on 07.10.2015 11:35

New Legion Ultimate Pro Jersey & Pant

New Smart Parts Shocker RSX Limited Guns:
shk rsx

New Dye M2 Marker:

Back in Stock...Shocker RSX:

PreOrder - Planet Eclipse GEO CS1:

Spezial Sale:

TNKD Paintball Pants für 99€

JT Pro II Jersey für 24,95€

Our spot on DMAX

Posted on 26.05.2015 17:11

Insufficient Paintball in TV? We can help ...

Our spot on DMAX:

Borne To Strike – Paintball Big Game 2015

Posted on 07.05.2015 12:26

Borne To Strike

It took almost 2 years of intense planning. Now it’s finally happening: “Borne To Strike” – a paintball event that has everything it takes to become a legend. Tanks and other military vehicles, urban combats and bunker assaults, lake-crossing in an amphibian and battles in the moorland… that’s just some of the highlights. One thing’s for sure: All participating teams may look forward to a maximum of thrill and challenge. Located in the West Pomeranian province of Poland, “Borne To Strike” is held on a historic military training area, surrounded by pristine nature. The supporting programme is as diverse as the game itself and includes live music, beach feeling, cold beers and BBQ nights. Long story cut short: An absolute must for all paintball enthusiasts.

The 3-day event is organized by Paintpark Wöbbelin, Woodland Division and EX Specialforce Soldaten – three names that have become synonyms for lavish scenarios and outstanding paintball experiences.

The main objective for “Borne To Strike” was to find a location that is truly unique – that’s why it took a long time for the event to take shape. However, in the end this objective has been achieved: “Borne To Strike” will be held on the historic military training area in Borne Sulinowo. After WWI, in the 1920s, the German Wehrmacht discovered a small village named Linde which turned out to be perfect as a training ground for the artillery because of the surrounding moorland. Later this military base became known as Groß Born, after 1945 as Borne Sulinowo. Because of the Warsaw Pact, the place was not charted on any civilian map until 1992. After WWII, the Soviet Union took over the land from the Wehrmacht and made it the command centre for the Northern troops of the Red Army. Strictly isolated from the Polish population it became a top-secret hub for the Cold War – and an important training ground for the ‘hot war’. The Soviet soldiers were not allowed to have any contact with the locals, they were brought directly from their homes to the West Pomeranian base in sealed train waggons.

Today this historic site with its old bunkers is a popular spot for all kinds of military conventions. The most famous one takes place right after Borne To Strike: Zlot. Around 50.000 visitors come flocking from all around the world to marvel at all kinds of military vehicles – or, even better, to have a ride with these vehicles. The huge flea market is a delightful treasure trove for military collectors. Last but not least the area is surrounded by pristine nature which makes it even more attractive for a holiday. Want some inspiration? Please check out the galleries on the Zlot website: http://www.zlot.bornesulinowo.pl/letni/?page_id=272


Borne To Strike provides a maximum of convenience for its visitors: The camp site has hot showers, there’s power supply for all lots, a trade show, extensive entertainment programme with live music, and optionally even VIP packages including a hotel room and a private shuttle service.


Realpics der DYE DAM CQB

Posted on 13.04.2015 17:25

Dye DaM cqb bILD 1


cqb dam b§

Proto Reflex 2014 deal + offer of the week + many new items in the shop

Posted on 29.01.2015 16:15

Proto Reflex 2014 & Reflex Package Deals:

REflex Deal 2014

offer of the week: DYE Throttle Preset Air System 4500psi:

Dye Preset fast geschenkt

new items in the shop:

Etek 5

Woodland und Scenario Games

Rauch Granate

New Legion Paint - Xseries Gold Sponsor

Posted on 26.01.2015 13:10

New Legion ist ab sofort eine zugelassen Paintsorte in allen Xseries SPO/BYO Spielklassen.

The paintballs our marketed exclusively brand New Legion 
are an official Gold Sponsor of the XSeries.

All teams playing this series can count on our support or our partners.
Learn more about where to buy the New Legion Paint will be published
as soon as possible on the Xseries homepage.

All of our team support at:


New Masks & Dye DAM Special XMAS Deal

Posted on 11.12.2014 09:24


Neue Grills am Start

DAM Special - Dye DAM incl. Box Rotor & Exportset - Valid until 24.12.2014





Paintball-Land XMAS OFFERS

Posted on 28.11.2014 16:12

It's Christmas Time

24 offers from 1. 12. 2014 until 2. 1. 2015
Enjoy! Each offer can be purchased until 2. of January 2015 while stock lasts.


10 Jahre


New Products

New: Dye I4 Skinned & Dye I4 Barracks & New Valken Lens Case

Posted on 06.11.2014 17:25


Dye I4 Skinned:


Dye I4 Barracks:


New Valken Lens Case:

valken case

New DYE 2015 & DYE Teamdeal, new products! .... and a big surprise!

Posted on 04.11.2014 13:45

New: DYE 2015 Stuff - New PGA Guns & Rotors:


Dye Rotor Skinned:


Dye Rotor Barracks:

Neue Rotoren

DYE Team Support 2015 :

Teamdeal 2015

and a big surprise! ....


Paintball-Land.de Spezial 3. Oktober

Posted on 02.10.2014 11:11

G.I. Sportz Herald Pro Player Pants:

gi Hose

DYE Throttle Preset Air System 4500psi 164 € :

Dye Trottel
Dye DM 14 new Price:

DM 14 neuer Preis


Posted on 10.07.2014 16:30

Special Colors

VForce Grill Paintball Maske Limited - Blue/White

VForce Grill Paintball Maske Limited - Lime/White

VForce Grill Paintball Maske Limited - Lime/Black

VForce Grill Paintball Maske Limited - Orange/White

VForce Grill Paintball Maske Limited - Orange/Blk

New Luxe Marker | Real Pics

Posted on 03.07.2013 16:25

Luxe Oled
DLX Luxe OLED - charcoal gloss / white dust

DLX Luxe OLED - white dust / slime green dust

DLX Luxe OLED - Electric Splash – Crush

Luxe OLED - Transformer - plum gloss

Paintball-Land Company NEWS 28.03.2013 | IWA 2013

Posted on 10.04.2013 13:07

In 2013 we have been attended for the 6th time with our booth the IWA Outdoor Classics. The IWA is one of the biggest weapons and outdoor exhibitions in Europe.
In conclusion we can say that the 2013 fair was very successful for us. Here are some impressions.
Manufacturers like New Legion, Dangerous Power, Kingman, Tippmann and Valken informed customers with their news for 2013.

Paintball-Land Shop NEWS 11.10.2012

Posted on 11.10.2012 13:02

The new Dangerous Power M3 A1 marker is available in a few days.

The Engineer's of DP would like to introduce to the players an all new In-Line pressurized system combined with high precision 3D milling for ergonomics & exceptional dialed iron sights for any marksman. The M3-A1's valiant introduction brings forth a new advancement in our master craftsmanship & Technology - A Dual-Core Integrated System (DCI), combining the Drive Force & Operational Regulator in one device, is driven by a new low-pressure operated solenoid.


Paintball-Land news / new shop

Posted on 20.04.2012 13:40

As you can see all  our new paintball online store is now fully usable. All existing customers of your password used to date on the e-mail sent to you address. If you have problems please contact us.

Have fun with many new features and special offers.

Your Country Paintball team

Paintball-Land news / IWA 2012

Posted on 20.03.2012 13:45

In 2012 we were back on the course, "IWA & Outdoor Classics" fair in Nuremberg, represented by our products to the audience.
To give even the folks back home a little impression of our booth, we would like to publish a handful of pictures for you.

Pictures IWA 2012






Paintball Shop - News : title - Bob Long G6R 2012 mit incl. OLED Display

Posted on 01.03.2012 13:54


New arrivals in our shop is the Bob Long Paintball G6R 2012 with OLED display in five different colors: Dust Black / Gold, Titanium / Gold, Black / Gold, Titanium / Black, White / Lime.

Paintball Shop - News : title - Safer HP Systems

Posted on 13.02.2012 14:01

Freshly arrived in our HP systems safer from 1.2 liters to 2.0 liters. Also available again - the Dye I4 Paintball Mask at the special edition black / gold and Dye's top performance.

Paintball Shop - News : title - KM Stuff, Tippmann barrels

Posted on 25.01.2012 14:06

Currently we have got many new products in the paintball field. There are fresh in the camp: KM of new stuff, Spine Feed 2.0, Column grips and the new grease. Also at the Woodis we thought and included the popular Hammerhead runs and running sets into the program as well as other accessories for Tippmann Markers incessant.

Paintball shop - News : title - Dangerous Power E1

Posted on 01.11.2011 14:26

The Dangerous Power E1 has been slashed in price. For 219.00 you will get an e-pneumatic marker to be desired in the value for nothing. The offer was part of DP time limit until the 31.12.2011.
Six colors are currently available: black, white, brown, red, green and orange

Paintball Shop - News : title - Dye DM 11 + Rotor Loader 890 €

Posted on 14.10.2011 14:32

As of now available from us: Dye Rotor Loader DM 11 + 890 and DM 11 PGA Dye Rotor Loader + 965.00.
It is only a very small number of items available!

Paintball Shop - News : title - Invert Mini in Black, Matt

Posted on 20.09.2011 14:36

Absolutely rare, but we have a small number of paintball marker invert mini in black matt to get clean. You can order from us individually or in the mini-saving package. Anyone who has taken part in the good eye should be paintballer not to wait long ....

Paintball Shop - News : title - V-Max Loader from Valken

Posted on 04.08.2011 14:40

Compared to other e-loaders of the V-Max Loader Valken is extremely lightweight and can be dismantled in a few seconds. The battery compartment is located on the outside of the loader, which allows a quick and easy battery replacement.

Paintball Shop - News : title - Valken Paintball products fly here

Posted on 25.07.2011 14:47

Valken one airborne! This week will be listed with us as well as all products from the paintball Valken line and then are also available. Among other things, we get the following new item, the VMAX paintball loader, player apparel for beginners to professionals as well as paintball battle packs in many style and function options, bottle covers and everything else do you need so make good on the pitch to be, - )   
It is at Valken thought about all types of players, tournament players, and newcomers will find Wood Country sure their personal bargain.

Paintball Shop - News : title - 1,1 liter Guerrilla Air Composite HP Systems

Posted on 16.07.2011 14:54

For a limited time, 1.1 liter Guerrilla Air 300bar composite system including HP * G2 * Myth regulator. To date, there was this HP system with only the normal Myth regulator for the price of 179.00 . Who wants to play paintball at the highest level should not miss this special.

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