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Borne To Strike – Paintball Big Game 2015

7 May, 2015

Borne To Strike

It took almost 2 years of intense planning. Now it’s finally happening: “Borne To Strike” – a paintball event that has everything it takes to become a legend. Tanks and other military vehicles, urban combats and bunker assaults, lake-crossing in an amphibian and battles in the moorland… that’s just some of the highlights. One thing’s for sure: All participating teams may look forward to a maximum of thrill and challenge. Located in the West Pomeranian province of Poland, “Borne To Strike” is held on a historic military training area, surrounded by pristine nature. The supporting programme is as diverse as the game itself and includes live music, beach feeling, cold beers and BBQ nights. Long story cut short: An absolute must for all paintball enthusiasts.

The 3-day event is organized by Paintpark Wöbbelin, Woodland Division and EX Specialforce Soldaten – three names that have become synonyms for lavish scenarios and outstanding paintball experiences.

The main objective for “Borne To Strike” was to find a location that is truly unique – that’s why it took a long time for the event to take shape. However, in the end this objective has been achieved: “Borne To Strike” will be held on the historic military training area in Borne Sulinowo. After WWI, in the 1920s, the German Wehrmacht discovered a small village named Linde which turned out to be perfect as a training ground for the artillery because of the surrounding moorland. Later this military base became known as Groß Born, after 1945 as Borne Sulinowo. Because of the Warsaw Pact, the place was not charted on any civilian map until 1992. After WWII, the Soviet Union took over the land from the Wehrmacht and made it the command centre for the Northern troops of the Red Army. Strictly isolated from the Polish population it became a top-secret hub for the Cold War – and an important training ground for the ‘hot war’. The Soviet soldiers were not allowed to have any contact with the locals, they were brought directly from their homes to the West Pomeranian base in sealed train waggons.

Today this historic site with its old bunkers is a popular spot for all kinds of military conventions. The most famous one takes place right after Borne To Strike: Zlot. Around 50.000 visitors come flocking from all around the world to marvel at all kinds of military vehicles – or, even better, to have a ride with these vehicles. The huge flea market is a delightful treasure trove for military collectors. Last but not least the area is surrounded by pristine nature which makes it even more attractive for a holiday. Want some inspiration? Please check out the galleries on the Zlot website:


Borne To Strike provides a maximum of convenience for its visitors: The camp site has hot showers, there’s power supply for all lots, a trade show, extensive entertainment programme with live music, and optionally even VIP packages including a hotel room and a private shuttle service.

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